dimanche 12 juillet 2009


Je voudrais adresser un grand bonjour à la lectrice fidèle des antipodes, qui nous rend régulièrement visite depuis Christchurch, Nouvelle-Zélande.
Rendez-vous compte, elle a dix heures de décalage avec nous... et une moitié d'année. En ce moment, il est pour elle huit heures du soir, et c'est l'hiver! C'est quelque chose qui me fait rêver depuis l'enfance !o)
Je pense qu'elle aussi a mérité sa récompense, si elle veut bien se faire connaître!!!

4 commentaires:

  1. Dear Paule, Imagine my surprise to see a post with the Christchurch Cathedral in it and to read further(with the help of google translate as my schoolgirl French of 30 years+ ago is very rusty)- was it really me you were talking to? I have enjoyed the French SAL Mary Wigham blog very much and look forward to each new post to see the progress. The colours are beautiful. I will be doing this too but not until I have completed my current WIPs. Yes it is winter and cold and wet but the upside of that is that I don't feel guilty when I stitch thinking I should be out in the garden! Sorry this post is in English. Keep up the good work everyone. Kind regards. Jocelyn

  2. Dear Jocelyn, of course, this post was written especially for you!! Excuse me if I didn't translate it, but I thought, as you are here everyday, that your french was fluent, but anyway, you understood me! I'd be very glad to speak furthermore with you, so please, send me an e-mail, and we'll have time to speak!!

  3. Dear Paule, I would also like to speak further with you but I am unsure as to how to email you directly. Because I am not a member of the group there are no visible details for doing this. I look forward to catching up with you. Jocelyn

  4. Jocelyn, you can email me by clicking on "pour me joindre" in the right bar, or in my profile.